Some Explaining To Do

So I have given this blog a makeover trying to make it more pleasing to the eye. The links on the top will take you to different pages of the blog except for the YouTube one it takes you to my YouTube page. You will have to use the back button if you go to the YouTube page in order to return to my blog. I hope that this new design is easier to navigate and is as pleasing to you as it is to me. I tried to keep with my style when redoing this blog but not change it so much that it would confuse anyone who visits.


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you hope your holiday is safe and happy



A new Music Social Network Site

Well it may not be new to you but it is new to me I am talking about Worldsings it is a cool place to hear new music. The object is to hear and vote on new music while social networking.I just joined it yesterday you can view my profile here and I am already having fun. I have seen some interesting new music and found some cool new friends.

This is how they describe their site
"WorldSings.com is a music and social networking community organizing The World’s Best Song Competition. Members vote for their favorite songs and decide which top 20 will compete in the WORLDSINGS Concert in Las Vegas. What’s at Stake for the Artists? There is $1,000,000 in prize money up for grabs. And the Members? Members also have a chance to win a variety of prizes."
They have music and people from all around the world it really is fun to see and hear all the different types of music. If you are into music like I am then you should go and take a peek and join in the fun yourself. In case you missed it the link is here.

What Makes A Good Singer?

I was out looking for some music news and came across another top 100 singers list. Now I like to see top singer, song, bands, albums lists but what I don't like is how they mix up all the genres together. How can you possibly compare a blues singer to a heavy metal singer? You really can't. How can someone like Axle from Guns and Roses be compared to let's say Alicia Keys it can't be done and in all reality shouldn't be...

Now back to the top singers list this list I saw was on RollingStone's site it made me a bit agitated to see that some singers were placed where they were on the list. Now as some of you may know I am a huge Zeppelin fan but it bothered me to see that Robert Plant #15 was ahead of Steve Perry #76.Why does this bother me? I'm glad to answer that you see to me what makes a great singer isn't how they sound on an album anyone can sound good with the right people in the studio. What makes a great singer is how they sound live up on stage. Have you ever heard Steve Perry sing live?Well if you haven' take a listen

Now here is Steve on the album version not much of a difference.

It is like listening to an angle sing right? Steve can hit notes like no other I am in awe of his voice.
Now have you ever heard Robert Plant live? If you haven't listen here now just let me say once again led Zeppelin is my favorite group.

Now here is how Robert sounds after the studio guys get done

Do you see my point? How what makes a good singer is not how they sound on an album but how they sound live on a stage.


And The Winner Is

We finally have a winner of this weeks guess the song and singer/group.Congrats to The Old Man from Rose Garden Music. He guessed John Lennon (just like) Starting Over. The Old Man is a newcomer to Music Monday and I welcome him. You should check out his blog is takes you through his journey of teaching himself to play the guitar. I wish him luck with on his journey I admire him for doing this all on his own.


A Clue

Hello I see that some of you are asking for a clue I think I can manage that. The singer of this song went solo after being involved with a bunch of bugs.


Guess The Song And Singer

Good morning and welcome to another edition of guess the song and singer. This is the second week of the giveaway and as you can see last weeks winner is still posted.She will remain there until we have a new winner.So here we go and good luck.

Our life together
Is so precious together
We have grown
We have grown
All of our love
Is still special
Let's take a chance
And fly away

Remember to post about the contest on your blog and leave me a comment telling me the correct answer and that you have posted about it on your blog. Thanks and good luck.


Pissed Off

I am so mad at hubby's job right now they have him going to Alaska this coming Monday so he won't be home for Thanksgiving.So this song is for them and any of you who may be mad at your job.


How About Some Hip Hop

I am in a hip hop kinda mood so I though you would enjoy some as well. So here is Fat Joe featuring Ashanti What's Love so turn up the volume and get your groove on.....


Eagles In Greensboro NC

Best Of My Love, Desperado,Hotel California, The Long Run, Lyin Eyes, Take It Easy you may wonder why I am naming all these songs. Well it's because The Eagles are coming to North Carolina Greensboro to be exact. They will be there on January 17, 2009 tickets will be going on sale 11/14. They have some other towns they will be visiting you can go here to see if they will be in or near your part of town.

What is my favorite Eagles tune you ask? Well I will tell you it is Best Of My Love so here is a youtube video I found of the song enjoy. This time the person who made the youtube video put in the lyrics so I don't have to.Her youtube page is here


And The Winner Is

So my first giveaway has it's first winner Toni from It Is Nap Time she guessed the right song title and artist.The answer is Styx Too Much Time On My Hands. She did her post here she won 900 entrecard credits and ad space on all three of my blogs. Way to go Toni you rock.....

I will be doing another giveaway next Monday 11/17/2008 so if you want to play along make sure you stop back.The rules will be the same as this giveaway I will keep the rules posted here. Hope to see you then...


Guess The Song And Singer

Welcome to a special addition of Music Mondays today is a giveaway here. In case you are not aware of the rules to this contest they are above but being the awesomely cool person I am I will explain them again. In order to win the 900 Entrecard credits and a week long add on all 3 of my blogs you MUST.....
1. Write a post about the giveaway linking Music Monday and leave me a message telling me that you have done the post.
2. You MUST be the first person to guess the correct song title and singer/group
So that's it for the rules so here we go and good luck remember you can NOT win if you leave out any of the steps to the rules.

Well I'm so tired of losing
I've got nothing to do and all day to do it
Well I go out cruising but got nowhere to go
And all night to get there
Is it any wonder I'm not a criminal?
Is it any wonder I'm not in jail?

So there you have it I hope you have fun with this one.
Remember to leave me your blog address so I can go check out your post.

Just A Reminder

Hey just want to put up a reminder about tomorrows name the song singer/group. If you want to be eligible to win the 900 entrecards credits you MUST....1. Write a post about the contest linking Music Mondays.2. You MUST be the first person to guess the correct song title, the correct singer/group. Please leave a comment with your guess and to let me know that you posted about the contest. Thanks and I hope to see you tomorrow.


Lyrics Matchbox 20 Back To Good

Matchbox 20 has some really good songs my favorite is Back 2 good so here is the lyrics along with the song.I think it is much better to listen to the song while you are following along with the lyrics.


AC/DC New CD Black Ice #1 On Billboard Charts

So AC/DC's new album Black Ice is holding steady at #1 on Billboard's top 200 for the second week in a row. According to an article I read on Billboard.com Is anyone really surprised? Not me I'm sure not to anyone else who knows good music. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing any of the songs on this album yet. I'm sure that they are good though I will have to check out Sirius channel 29 that's the AC/DC channel I'm sure they will be playing them.

The album is only available at Walmart, Sam's Club and AC/DC's website . You should go to the website it has information on the album sales you can join the fan club.

Wordless Wednesday

This is my Wordless Wednesday photo of my favorite singer Steve Perry his voice is like heaven to me and he is pretty effin hot to.


Lyrics To Genesis Mama & Video

I just love Phil Collins he is an awesome singer and man can he play the drums. I did get a chance to see him in concert in Philly for the No Jacket Required tour. What a show it was great performance my favorite was I Can't Dance. When he was with Genesis they rocked and on his own as a solo he was just as good. So I have found my favorite Genesis video on Youtube and wrote the lyrics for you to follow along with. Enjoy......

I can't see you mama
But I can hardly wait
And to touch and to feel you mama
Oh I just can't keep away
In the heat and the stem of the city
OOh Ooh got me running and I just can't brake

So say you'll help me mama cause it's getting so hard Oh....

Now I can keep you mama
But I know your always there
You listen you teach me mama
And I know inside you care
So get down,down here beside me
Oh you ain't going nowhere

No I won't hurt you mama but it's getting so hard OHHH

Ha ha,ha ha,oh ha ha, ha ha,oh

Can't ya see me here mama,mama,mama,mama please
Can't you feel my heart ahh can't you feel my heart
Can't you feel my heat oh oh
Now listen to me MAMA,MAMA,MAMA your taking away my last chance
Don't take it away can't you fell my heart

Ha ha ha,ha ha ha ooh

Now I can't see you mama
But I know your always there
You taunt you tease me mama
But I never,never,never can keep away
Yes the heat and the steam of the city
Oh ooh got me running and I just can't brake
So stay don't leave me mama
Cause it's getting so hard ooooooh

DON"T GO!!!!!!!!!!

NO NO DON"T GO!!!!!!


And We Have A Winner

The winner of this weeks guess the song singer is my friend Sandra from Super Mae and Love In My Veins.She is a wonderful blogger and great person we have become good friends. She has just started the second blog and is doing very well with it.I would like it if you would head over to either one of her blogs and see what she is about.

Oh yeah the correct answer that Sandra got was REM Everybody hurts That song rocks congrats Sandra good job I hope to see you next Monday to see if you can get it again.

New Sirius Channel

There is a new Sirius Satellite channel and I am most excited about it. It is the Zeppelin channel on Sirius channel 12 I just heard about it this morning. it was part of the XM Sirius merger.Who knew Xm had a Zeppelin station? Not me that's for sure or else I would have gotten Xm JK hubby is the one who wanted the satellite radio so he could follow Howard Stern. He really likes Howard Stern and so do I actually. His stuff is pretty addictive whenever I am in the car and the Sirius is on Howard 100 I find myself glued to what he has to say.

But back to the new channel I am so keyed up about having an all Zep channel you know that this is going to be the only channel I am going to have on in the car. I'm sure I will be able to hear some stuff I may have not ever heard before so when I do I will be here posting about it. If you don't have Sirius Satellite Radio what are you waiting for? It is so much better than regular radio no FCC sensors to crap out your music. Now that the two companies Xm and Sirius are merging there is going to be so much more to choose from. Not that I am going to have anything other than the Zep channel but it is nice to know I have other options. Like Sirius 29 that's the AC/DC channel and Howard 100 that of course is Howard Stern. Don't take my word for it check it out for yourself.

Guess The Song And Siger

Welcome to Music Mondays guess the singer/group and song title.Last weeks song was never guessed so I am going to tell you the answer.The group was Journey the song was After The Fall. This week lyrics are

When your day is long
And the night
The night is yours alone
And your sure you've had enough
Of this life
To hang on
Don't let yourself go

Ok that's it good luck and don't forget to leave your guess in the comment section.