New Sirius Channel

There is a new Sirius Satellite channel and I am most excited about it. It is the Zeppelin channel on Sirius channel 12 I just heard about it this morning. it was part of the XM Sirius merger.Who knew Xm had a Zeppelin station? Not me that's for sure or else I would have gotten Xm JK hubby is the one who wanted the satellite radio so he could follow Howard Stern. He really likes Howard Stern and so do I actually. His stuff is pretty addictive whenever I am in the car and the Sirius is on Howard 100 I find myself glued to what he has to say.

But back to the new channel I am so keyed up about having an all Zep channel you know that this is going to be the only channel I am going to have on in the car. I'm sure I will be able to hear some stuff I may have not ever heard before so when I do I will be here posting about it. If you don't have Sirius Satellite Radio what are you waiting for? It is so much better than regular radio no FCC sensors to crap out your music. Now that the two companies Xm and Sirius are merging there is going to be so much more to choose from. Not that I am going to have anything other than the Zep channel but it is nice to know I have other options. Like Sirius 29 that's the AC/DC channel and Howard 100 that of course is Howard Stern. Don't take my word for it check it out for yourself.

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Music Review said...

I love zep and I am sure I would enjoy the station occasionally but I think I would need just a little more variety. 70s rock is some of the best out there though. I think once I get back from Afghanistan I will be renewing my Sirius subscription, I really love the outlaw country station also.