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I have always loved music it's my thing. I mostly like classic rock but have been know to listen to other genre's like hip hop, rap, dance, club, classic country, metal and some of today's hits. Not to many of today's hits I think music has changed it's not nearly as good as it used to be.

I have yet to hear a band as good as Zeppelin was and still is or a singer that could make me feel the song as much as Steve Perry or play an instrument like Elton John or Jimmy Hendrix. Today's "bands" "groups" use sound people to make them sound good.They never sound the same in concert as they do on their album no wait they are CD's now.

I have been to a few concerts Robert Plant who had Stevie Ray Vaughn open for him. Back then I was young and into the party scene so I couldn't remember a damn thing about the concert so I had to go see it again. No big deal I love Robert Plant enough to see him twice. This time Joan Jett opened for him. It was AWESOME!!!!

I have seen Candlebox with Damn Yankees opening good stuff both of them although it was the loudest concert I have ever been to.But still great.

I took my brother to see Phil Collins NO Jacket Required it rained the whole time but it was a blast. Phil put on a great show especially when he did I Can't Dance.

One of the saddest concert experiences I had was let me start with I LOVE Elton John his music is like peotry in song form to me. So how happy was I when I purchased two tickets to see him in concert in Philly. So excited that there are almost no words that's how excited. I was planning to go with a friend of mine he was going to drive because well Philly scares the shit out of me. So it's the day of the concert I'm all spiffed out and ready to go.The guy calls to tell me he can't go something came up with his family or some bs like that. So I call everyone I know to see if someone wants to go with. A free ticket to see Sir Elton who wouldn't want that? Well apparently no one I knew so I wound up not going to see him. I still to this day kick myself in the ass for not just getting in the car and driving myself. But I was young and being a girl scared to go to Philly alone. I will someday see Sir Elton and I will make sure that I am going with someone I can trust to not jerk me.

My life dream well I have two of them the first being to see Led Zeppelin in concert.Until last year I didn't think it was possible but as you may or may not know they did do a concert over in the UK. I hear it was incredible. I would have liked to go but I am afraid to fly and the tickets cost like a million dollars not really but may as well have been to me.

My other dream is to be on Sirius Satellite Radio as a DJ how cool would that be? To be able to play the music I love for millions of listeners. Someday maybe if I close my eyes and wish hard enough one if not both of my dreams will come true....

So that's almost all you need to know about me. Peace out and check out my band M8's blogs
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