Musical Monday's

Ambrosia How Much I Feel I took a journey back to the 70's for this song. I really enjoy songs from this era this is one of my flashback favs.


Musical Monday's

I really like this song which shocks the shit out of me cause I am not a fan of Fergie.I just like the lyrics and how she sings it. Sorry that the video quality isn't that good but it is hard to find a good video on Yahoo Music and the embedding is disabled on you tube.So any way here is Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry enjoy.


Musical Mondays I'm Winning !!!!!!

I want to say I'm sorry to all the CC people who have come here I put in the wrong address. MY CC post is here if you don't mind going to it instead.

Diane from Good Mourning Glory has chosen me as the winner of Musical Mondays Itunes/Amazon giveaway. So I dedicate this song to her. Thanks Diane for choosing me it sure does help pick me up from this slump I have been in lately. You rock.....