Happy Halloween

Halloween wouldn't be complete wothout this little diddy.Enjoy



Zeppelin News

So I'm hearing that Zeppelin is getting tired of waiting for Robert Plant to decide what he is doing about rejoining them.Jimmy Page is auditioning singers to take his place as this article states. What the hell ROBERT? We would like the singer to be you why are you dragging your feet? Is there something going on that your not saying? Why would you not want to please the fans who made you what you are?

I know that Robert Plant is making some music of his own right now and is touring with Allison Krauss but why leave all the Zep fans hanging. Without all of us you wouldn't be where you are and have the regonition to go out and do your own stuff. PLEASE rethink this Mr Plant.

They also mention in the article "On Nov. 4, Rhino will release a 10-disc boxed set featuring Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums plus the rarities album "Coda" in mini-LP replica sleeves with artwork from the original U.K. vinyl releases." quote taken from Billboard.com

I would like to mention that I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to have that box set when it comes out so if anyone would like to mention it to my hubby for me that would be awesome. That sure would make an exceptionally wonderful christmas present for me.... Or even better idea if anyone from Zeppelin happens to read this article and see that I LOVE your music you can send it to me just for being such a huge Zep fan. Hahaha

I could write a review of it now that would be the bomb.


Guess The Song And Singer

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another week of Music Mondays I hope you had a great weekend. So let get going here with some lines to a song guess the song title and the singer/group good luck.

You meant more to me then I let you see
You held on somehow
Oh your tenderness and your sweet caress
I miss you now
But a head strong stubborn man
Only works it out the best he can
Valentines he never sends
There's no enough time he's a working man

Remember let me know your guesses in the comment sections.


Lyrics Steve Winwood Arc Of A Diver

This is my favorite Steve Winwood song even though I have no idea what he is singing about.If you happen to know please share it with me. I tried to make the pictures fit the lyrics I think I did a fairly descent job of it.What do you think?

I have seen some sites that have the lyrics to songs but they only have the lyrics I like to hear the song that I am looking at the lyrics to.So this way you can sing along while you are learning the words.


Lyrics Alicia Keys Like You'll Neer See Me Again

I am a fan of Alicia Keys I have been since the first time I heard her sing.I think she has a beautiful voice. I mentioned before in an earlier post that some people disappoint me to hear them sing live she does not disappoint. She sings just as good live as on her albums. I made a video from pictures I took I hope you enjoy....

Guns and Roses

I hear Guns & Roses has a single from their new album "Chinese Democracy" coming out today. I for one am not impressed we all know that Axle has like the worst singing voice. When I was young I had a friend who was a diehard GNR fan he would jam to their songs for hours. One day he was so excited to be going to see them in concert and I was happy for him. I mean it is like a dream come true to go see your favorite singer/group live in concert. I know I felt that way to go see Robert Plant.

So he goes to the concert and comes home and was pissed off I said to him "what's wrong did something happen at the concert"? He said "yeah it sucked" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN"? He said "the band was awesome but Axle can't sing for shit" I was blown away here a big time fan was saying that the lead singer of his favorite band couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with extra large handles.

But I think we all kind of knew that was the case you can sort of tell when you listen to their music that they dub the shit out of him. The only song that I liked by them is Patience and I refuse to listen to that any other way then how it is in the video.

I will be honest I am not a fan of live versions of hardly anyones music. Very rarely do they sound as good. There are a few though who sound just as good live as on an album. Steve Perry is one and Sir Elton John is another. Even my all time fav group leaves me a bit sad to hear them live.


Guess The Song And Singer Clue

Ok I see no one guessed the song/singer really honestly only Tina played but it's all good. I love music so this blog will go on even if I am the only person reading it.....

So clue #1 it is a dude singing it and clue #2 he has had a few names one of them had a big cat name in the middle.

John Cougar Mellencamp Ain't Even Done With The Night
And here is the song cause I like it...


Guess The Song And Singer

Sorry I'm late today I had a doctors appointment ok so here we go I am going to write some lines in a song you guess the singer/group and the title of the song.Good luck

Say it's all right hold tight
Well I don't even know if I'm doing this right
Well alright hold tight
We can stay out all day
We could run around all night
Well it's time to go home

Ok there they are let me know who you think it is...


Led Zeppelin Top 20

So I was saying or should I say bitching the other day about how most local radio stations and people doing top music list think that Zeppelin only had 4 songs. So I have come up with a top 20 list that doesn't include one of those four songs that are played out on the radio and listed out on those top lists. Oh yeah and I went to youtube and found all the videos to go with the list enjoy it......
1.In The Light
2.The Rain Song
3.Ten Years Gone
4.The Ocean
5.Down By The Seaside
6.Hey Hey What Can I DO
7.Fool In The Rain
8.In The Evening
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine
10.Since I've Been Lovin You
11.The Lemon Song
12.The Battle Of Evermore
13.Thank You
14.How Many More Times
15.Over The Hills And Far Away
16.Babe I'm Gonna Leave
17.What Is And What Should Never Be
18.In My Time Of Dying
19.All Of My Love
20.Traveling Riverside Blues

And there you have it a list of 20 Zeppelin songs that do not include Black Dog,Stairway To Heaven,Rock And Roll,Kashmir. Not that I don't like these songs but they have been played out and Zep has so many other awesome tunes to listen to. As you can see and hear here.


Top Songs List

I was reading Rolling Stone Magazines website they had a list of the top 500 songs now I'm not sure if the list was in any kind of order.Like hey here is the #1 and so on but this list really pissed me off. Why did it piss me off? Well there were several reasons. First off no matter who it is that does these lists they always seem to think that Led Zeppelin only made 4 songs. The list always includes Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, and Kashmir. Now don't get me wrong these Zep songs are ok but what about The Rain Song, Ten Years Gone, In The Light, Fool In The Rain or Down By The Seaside. These songs are some of the best Zep songs ever and there are way more but I would be here all day if I were to name them all.

I only hear the same 4 Zep tunes on local radio stations the only time I can hear other ones is when I listen to my Sirius Satellite in the car. Or if I put them on myself at home I really need to become a DJ then I would rock you all.

Another thing that bothered me about the list is how many Beatles songs were on it I know the Beatles were a driving force in making rock and roll what it is today. But the majority of their stuff as a group sucks.... John Lennon on his own was and is amazing but together with the rest of them not so much.

I also was annoyed at seeing all the different genre's together on one list it's just wrong to have country music on a list with rock. Same for hip hop in with music from the 60's. It just isn't normal. Each genre should have a separate list of their own it makes it much more or should I say much less irritating.



AC/DC New CD Black Ice

So AC/DC does have a new album coming out on October 29th at Walmart it's called Black Ice. My brother is going to be so happy AC/DC is favorite band.When I was a kids every morning like clock work I would wake up to the sound of Back In Black.I think I was the only 11 year old who knew every word to every song on that album. So how about some AC/DC to celebrate the release of their new cd. I personally love this song of theirs. I hope you enjoy it as well.

I found this video on YouTube.


Led Zeppelin In The Light

I have been hearing rumors on Sirius Satellite radio lately that Jimmy Page is trying to get Robert Plant back with Zeppelin to go on tour. I'm hearing that Robert is not wanting to do it my question is why not? Come on Robert you really need to rethink this us die hard Zep fans need it. I for one would love, love, love to see this reunion happen.Ok so since I have been hearing these rumors I now have to hear some Zep and here is one of my top 5 favs. I found this and many other Zep videos on YouTube. Enjoy The lyrics follow the video.

And if you feel that ya can't go on
And yourwill's sinkin low
Just believe and ya can't go wrong
In the light you will find the road you will find the road

Hey ooh did you ever believe taht I could leave you standing out in the cold
Aah yeah babe I know how it feels cause I have slipped through to the very depths of my soul yeah
Oh whoa baby I just want to show what I'd give you it is from every bend in the road
Now listen to me
Oh whoa,whoa as I was and really would be for you too honey
As you would for me ahh I would share your load
Let me share ooooh let me share share your load

And if you feel that ya can't go on
In the light you will find the road

Hey uhoh though the winds of change may blow around you
But you will always be so
Whoa,whoa when love is pain it can devour you
But you are never alone
I would share your load,I would share your load
Baby let ahh let me

In the light everybody needs the light oooh yeah yeah
Oooh baby in the light,in the light sha bop a do

Light, light, light in the light
Light, light, light in the light
Oooh yeah
Light, light, light in the light

Now I am a big Zep fan but I have to say that sometimes I have a hard time understanding what Robert is saying in the songs. So I have to search the WWW to find help I found help for this song here.
They have song lyrics out the ying yang so take a long if you need to know what a singer is saying.

A Winner

So I see there was someone who guessed the right answer Carol I tried to find your blog but the page didn't have anything on it. I like to link love the winners so I am just going to have to say that Carol if you come back thanks for playing.

The answer is Elton John Madman Across The Water.


Guess The Song And Singer

Welcome to another Music Monday guess the song singer/band. Some of you may be celebrating a holiday today so I am going to leave this open until Tuesday.So ok here we go

There's a joke and I know it very well
It's one of those that I told you long ago
Take my word I'm a madman
Don't ya know....

Good luck and have a great day.


Super Bowl Half Time Performer

I heard today on Sirius radio that Bruce Springsteen is going to be playing in this years super bowl. I am not a Bruce fan but maybe some of you are so I did find one video that I like.

cause I grew up in Jersey and what teenage Jersey girl didn't want this song to be sung to them by a hott Jersey boy...

I'm A Super Blogger

I got this award from my awesome friend Tina she has two great blogs Mummy Diaries and Game Freakz. I visit her blogs daily and I admire her as a person, friend and blogger. She has become a great friend and I hope it stays that way.Thanks M8 you rock.....


John Lennon

Today is John Lennons Birthday so I thought I would post one of my fav Lennon songs.I am not a Beatles fan I do however like Lennon's music. He had quite a few good ones like this one here Just Like Starting Over some of my other favs are Woman and Imagine. So have a listen and enjoy.


Lyrics To Garth Brooks If Tomorrow Never Comes

Now I know I have said before that I am not a country music fan. But there are some songs or singers that I just can't help but like.Garth Brooks is one such country singer and his song If Tomorrow Never Comes is one such song.If you have never heard it please I urge you to listen to it.I have the words so you can follow along it is a beautiful song.I hope I did it justice with the pictures I added to it.

I have to say this is my best video so far and I can only hope I get better with them over time and if I do you sure are in for some big treats.


New Amazon Mp3 widget

I have a new widget you see it over to your right it's an mp3 for you to buy songs on Amazon. I have a few previews of songs if you would like to hear more let me know. Go ahead and give it a listen just hit the play button. You can also get your own mp3 play list just click on the get my own play list at the bottom on the widget.


Lyrics Matchbox 20 Hang

I made another video for all of you to enjoy it's a good one too.I think I am getting better at making them. The next one I have waiting is even better I hope you enjoy it......
This song and the Jordin Sparks are from my own music collection. I thought it would be nicer to try to use my own videos and just use youtube videos when I use a song I don't have in my collection.

The Winner Is

Drum roll please........
The winner is Tina from Mummydiaries and Game Freakz congrats Tina.
Here I thought it was going to be a hard one I had clues all ready to go but can't put anything past you guys. I want to give a shout out to Tammy from Mom Knows Everything and A Little Girl Talk for being oh so close she had the singer right but didn't have the correct title.

The song was Arc Of A Diver by Steve Winwood I just love that song but until Friday was unclear of some of the lyrics. I had to look them up and was surprised by some of the lyrics. What exactly is he singing about in this song? Does anybody know? If you do I would love to know.

So once again I am off to try to come up with something a bit harder for next week. I don't know if I can do it though these two are a couple of musical geniuses. Maybe I will try some rap or hip hop that should stump them......lol


Guess The Song And Singer

Hello I can't believe it has been a week already the time just flew by. So this week I think I picked a good song for you all so here are some lines from a song see if you can figure out who sings it and the title of the song. GOOD LUCK!!!

I play the piano no more running honey
This time to the sky I'll sing if clouds don't hear me
To the sun I'll cry and even if I'm blinded
I'll try moon gazer because with you I'm stronger

As I have mentioned when you think you have the answer let me know in the comment section.The first to guess the correct singer and title as I have chosen will be the winner.
Good luck and thanks for playing don't forget to tell your friends to come check me out.

Lyrics No Air Jordin Sparks Reaturing Chris Brown

Today I tried something different I made a video with the lyrics and the song.I hope you enjoy watching it or listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I really love this song it has really beautiful words and they both do an awesome job singing it.


Lyrics Billy Squire The Stroke

Here is some lyrics to an oldie but a goodie

Billy Squire's
The Stroke

Now everybody have ya heard
If your in the game
Well then strokes the word

Don't take no rhythm
Don't take no style
Got a thirst for killin
Grab your vile

Put your right hand out
Give a firm handshake
Talk to me about that one big break
Spread your ear pollution both far and wide
Keep your contributions by your side

And stroke me stroke me
Could be a winner boy you move quite well
Stroke me, stroke me,.... stroke
Stroke me, stroke me, you got your number down
Stroke me, stroke me
Say your a winner but man your just a sinner now

Put your left foot out keep it all in place work your way right into my case
First ya try to bed me and make my backbone slide
But when you found you bled me skip on by keep on
Stroke me, stroke me,...stroke
Give me the business all night long
Stroke me, stroke me
Your so together boy
Stroke me, stroke me
Say your a winner but man your just a sinner now

Better listen now said it ain't no joke
Let your conscience fail ya just do the stroke
Don't ya take no chances keep your eye on top
Do your fancy dances you can't stop you just
Stroke me, stroke me
Stroke me, stroke me
Stroke me, stroke me
Do it stroke me, stroke me
Stroke me, stroke me
Keep on
Stroke me, stroke me
Say your a winner but man your just a sinner now.......


Lyrics Journey Lovin,Touchin,Squeezin

Since I was a young hormonal teenage girl I have had a thing for Steve Perry.To this day his voice still makes me a little moist (I bet you didn't need to know that) In my opinion and yes it is the only one that matters Journey was and is nothing with out the magnificent vocals that are Steve Perry. So today I bring you the lyrics to my favorite Journey song.


You make me weep and wanna die just when
You said we try lovin,touchin,squeezin, each other
When I'm alone all by myself your out
With someone else lovin,touchin,squeezin each other

Your tearing me apart every every day
your tearing me apart
Oh what can I say
your tearing me apart

It won't be long yes till your alone when your lover
Oh he hasn't come home
Cause he's lovin, ooh he's touchin, he's squeezin another
He's tearing you apart oh every every day he's tearing you apart
Oh girl what can ya say
Cause he's lovin touchin another
Now it's your turn girl to cry
Na na ...........................

Special Song Lyrics Foreigner Blinded BY Science

Today in honor of my sil's birthday I am giving you the lyrics to her favorite song
Blinded By Science

Blinded by science I'm on the run
Blinded by science where do I belong
What's in the future
Has it just begun
Blinded by science I'm on the run

I'm worried bout the world that we live in
I'm worried by all the confusion
I wonder bout the lies I been reading
I wonder where this madness is leading
Is this a road going nowhere
Or is someone leading us somewhere
I can't believe we're here for no reason
There must be something we can believe in

Blinded by science I'm on the run
I'm not an appliance so don' turn me on
What's in the future has it just begun
Blinded by science I'm on the run

What's in the future has it just begun
Blinded by science I'm on the run
I'm worried bout the world that we live in
I'm worried bout all the confusion
I wonder bout the lies I've been reading
I wonder where this madness is leading
Is this a road going nowhere
Or someone leading us somewhere
I can't believe we're here for no reason
There must be something we can believe in

Blinded by science I'm on the run
I'm not an appliance don't turn me on
What's in the future has it just begun
Blinded by science I'm on the run
Blinded by science I'm on the run
I'm blinded by science
Onnn Theeee Runnn

Here is a video I found on youtube for this song if you have never heard this song you should listen to it.You can even use the lyrics I have provided to sing along.Enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!