Led Zeppelin Top 20

So I was saying or should I say bitching the other day about how most local radio stations and people doing top music list think that Zeppelin only had 4 songs. So I have come up with a top 20 list that doesn't include one of those four songs that are played out on the radio and listed out on those top lists. Oh yeah and I went to youtube and found all the videos to go with the list enjoy it......
1.In The Light
2.The Rain Song
3.Ten Years Gone
4.The Ocean
5.Down By The Seaside
6.Hey Hey What Can I DO
7.Fool In The Rain
8.In The Evening
9.Nobody's Fault But Mine
10.Since I've Been Lovin You
11.The Lemon Song
12.The Battle Of Evermore
13.Thank You
14.How Many More Times
15.Over The Hills And Far Away
16.Babe I'm Gonna Leave
17.What Is And What Should Never Be
18.In My Time Of Dying
19.All Of My Love
20.Traveling Riverside Blues

And there you have it a list of 20 Zeppelin songs that do not include Black Dog,Stairway To Heaven,Rock And Roll,Kashmir. Not that I don't like these songs but they have been played out and Zep has so many other awesome tunes to listen to. As you can see and hear here.

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Tina said...

i remembered today to stop by and guess the song and im early arnt i? lol