Zeppelin News

So I'm hearing that Zeppelin is getting tired of waiting for Robert Plant to decide what he is doing about rejoining them.Jimmy Page is auditioning singers to take his place as this article states. What the hell ROBERT? We would like the singer to be you why are you dragging your feet? Is there something going on that your not saying? Why would you not want to please the fans who made you what you are?

I know that Robert Plant is making some music of his own right now and is touring with Allison Krauss but why leave all the Zep fans hanging. Without all of us you wouldn't be where you are and have the regonition to go out and do your own stuff. PLEASE rethink this Mr Plant.

They also mention in the article "On Nov. 4, Rhino will release a 10-disc boxed set featuring Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums plus the rarities album "Coda" in mini-LP replica sleeves with artwork from the original U.K. vinyl releases." quote taken from Billboard.com

I would like to mention that I would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE to have that box set when it comes out so if anyone would like to mention it to my hubby for me that would be awesome. That sure would make an exceptionally wonderful christmas present for me.... Or even better idea if anyone from Zeppelin happens to read this article and see that I LOVE your music you can send it to me just for being such a huge Zep fan. Hahaha

I could write a review of it now that would be the bomb.


Tammy said...

You're new posts aren't showing up in my reader. Hmmmm...I'm going to have to figure this out.

Carol said...

Publicity stunt? Get the readers chompin' at the bit, foaming at the mouth, all worked into a frenzy before announcing that he will be rejoining them? Then ticket prices skyrocket?

Just a guess.