Lyrics Journey Lovin,Touchin,Squeezin

Since I was a young hormonal teenage girl I have had a thing for Steve Perry.To this day his voice still makes me a little moist (I bet you didn't need to know that) In my opinion and yes it is the only one that matters Journey was and is nothing with out the magnificent vocals that are Steve Perry. So today I bring you the lyrics to my favorite Journey song.


You make me weep and wanna die just when
You said we try lovin,touchin,squeezin, each other
When I'm alone all by myself your out
With someone else lovin,touchin,squeezin each other

Your tearing me apart every every day
your tearing me apart
Oh what can I say
your tearing me apart

It won't be long yes till your alone when your lover
Oh he hasn't come home
Cause he's lovin, ooh he's touchin, he's squeezin another
He's tearing you apart oh every every day he's tearing you apart
Oh girl what can ya say
Cause he's lovin touchin another
Now it's your turn girl to cry
Na na ...........................

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Tammy said...

I love Journey!!!