Guns and Roses

I hear Guns & Roses has a single from their new album "Chinese Democracy" coming out today. I for one am not impressed we all know that Axle has like the worst singing voice. When I was young I had a friend who was a diehard GNR fan he would jam to their songs for hours. One day he was so excited to be going to see them in concert and I was happy for him. I mean it is like a dream come true to go see your favorite singer/group live in concert. I know I felt that way to go see Robert Plant.

So he goes to the concert and comes home and was pissed off I said to him "what's wrong did something happen at the concert"? He said "yeah it sucked" "WHAT DO YOU MEAN"? He said "the band was awesome but Axle can't sing for shit" I was blown away here a big time fan was saying that the lead singer of his favorite band couldn't carry a tune in a bucket with extra large handles.

But I think we all kind of knew that was the case you can sort of tell when you listen to their music that they dub the shit out of him. The only song that I liked by them is Patience and I refuse to listen to that any other way then how it is in the video.

I will be honest I am not a fan of live versions of hardly anyones music. Very rarely do they sound as good. There are a few though who sound just as good live as on an album. Steve Perry is one and Sir Elton John is another. Even my all time fav group leaves me a bit sad to hear them live.

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