What Makes A Good Singer?

I was out looking for some music news and came across another top 100 singers list. Now I like to see top singer, song, bands, albums lists but what I don't like is how they mix up all the genres together. How can you possibly compare a blues singer to a heavy metal singer? You really can't. How can someone like Axle from Guns and Roses be compared to let's say Alicia Keys it can't be done and in all reality shouldn't be...

Now back to the top singers list this list I saw was on RollingStone's site it made me a bit agitated to see that some singers were placed where they were on the list. Now as some of you may know I am a huge Zeppelin fan but it bothered me to see that Robert Plant #15 was ahead of Steve Perry #76.Why does this bother me? I'm glad to answer that you see to me what makes a great singer isn't how they sound on an album anyone can sound good with the right people in the studio. What makes a great singer is how they sound live up on stage. Have you ever heard Steve Perry sing live?Well if you haven' take a listen

Now here is Steve on the album version not much of a difference.

It is like listening to an angle sing right? Steve can hit notes like no other I am in awe of his voice.
Now have you ever heard Robert Plant live? If you haven't listen here now just let me say once again led Zeppelin is my favorite group.

Now here is how Robert sounds after the studio guys get done

Do you see my point? How what makes a good singer is not how they sound on an album but how they sound live on a stage.

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Sandra Carvalho said...

oh yeah!
There's an huge difference!