A new Music Social Network Site

Well it may not be new to you but it is new to me I am talking about Worldsings it is a cool place to hear new music. The object is to hear and vote on new music while social networking.I just joined it yesterday you can view my profile here and I am already having fun. I have seen some interesting new music and found some cool new friends.

This is how they describe their site
"WorldSings.com is a music and social networking community organizing The World’s Best Song Competition. Members vote for their favorite songs and decide which top 20 will compete in the WORLDSINGS Concert in Las Vegas. What’s at Stake for the Artists? There is $1,000,000 in prize money up for grabs. And the Members? Members also have a chance to win a variety of prizes."
They have music and people from all around the world it really is fun to see and hear all the different types of music. If you are into music like I am then you should go and take a peek and join in the fun yourself. In case you missed it the link is here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about the site. Does anyone know when this site came about?

Anonymous said...

hey, that is the best music site on the web. i thin kthat everyone msut go there. if you would like to find me go to http://www.worldsings.com/candy5