And The Winner Is

We finally have a winner of this weeks guess the song and singer/group.Congrats to The Old Man from Rose Garden Music. He guessed John Lennon (just like) Starting Over. The Old Man is a newcomer to Music Monday and I welcome him. You should check out his blog is takes you through his journey of teaching himself to play the guitar. I wish him luck with on his journey I admire him for doing this all on his own.


The Old Man said...

Well thank you very much! My only question would be... "When am I eligible to play again?" Most radio stations make ya wait 30-90 days before you can win again, so how long have I got? LOL

Tina said...

thats nice. is your winner a new visitor? i dont recognize his name.

hope its attracting more visitors your way

Sandra Carvalho said...

Ohhh now I see!!!Bugs=Beetles!
Bwahahahahah!I'm such a dumb ass!