AC/DC New CD Black Ice #1 On Billboard Charts

So AC/DC's new album Black Ice is holding steady at #1 on Billboard's top 200 for the second week in a row. According to an article I read on Billboard.com Is anyone really surprised? Not me I'm sure not to anyone else who knows good music. I haven't had the pleasure of hearing any of the songs on this album yet. I'm sure that they are good though I will have to check out Sirius channel 29 that's the AC/DC channel I'm sure they will be playing them.

The album is only available at Walmart, Sam's Club and AC/DC's website . You should go to the website it has information on the album sales you can join the fan club.

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Music Review said...

I just wish you could pick the album up somewhere other than Walmart, Sams, or the groups site. walmart usually only sells edited music.