Guess The Song And Singer

Welcome to a special addition of Music Mondays today is a giveaway here. In case you are not aware of the rules to this contest they are above but being the awesomely cool person I am I will explain them again. In order to win the 900 Entrecard credits and a week long add on all 3 of my blogs you MUST.....
1. Write a post about the giveaway linking Music Monday and leave me a message telling me that you have done the post.
2. You MUST be the first person to guess the correct song title and singer/group
So that's it for the rules so here we go and good luck remember you can NOT win if you leave out any of the steps to the rules.

Well I'm so tired of losing
I've got nothing to do and all day to do it
Well I go out cruising but got nowhere to go
And all night to get there
Is it any wonder I'm not a criminal?
Is it any wonder I'm not in jail?

So there you have it I hope you have fun with this one.
Remember to leave me your blog address so I can go check out your post.

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Toni said...

Love me some Styx! Too Much Time on My Hands.

Here is my link: