Bad Company The Way I Choose Video And Lyrics

I am a little late but as they say better late then never.I actually posted this song a few days ago but seeing how no one saw it I thought it was to good a song to not have it listened to.
I just love this song and you really don't hear it much what a shame that is. I hope you read the words while listening to the song it really is pretty and sad.

I live my life the way that I choose
I'm satisfied nothing to loose
I don't ask no favors
I don't know the reason why
If I don't ask no questions
Iiiii I don't get no lies
I don't get no lies

Now you give your love
Every way that you move
Is closer to me
I don't need nobody
To tell me the reason why
If I love only you baby
I know I'll be satisfied

Baby answer my question

You won't say our love

Oh baby don't say goodbye

Oh yeah I don't need nobody hey hey
To tell me the reason why
If I love only you baby
I know I'll be satisfied oh yeah
You know I'll be satisfied baby
Because. because you satisfy my love
You satisfy my love

Yeah now don't say goodbye

You'd leave me to die

Yeah now don't you say goodbye

oh your walking away


Joy said...

It is indeed pretty and sad.

Artster63 said...

Great tune. I'd play this song over and over as a kid sitting in my basement with the headphones on. Thanks for the memories.

ROSIDAH said...

Hi, Tina! Great song. I come from Diane's blog and wanted to congrat you as winner of her Musical Giveaway. Have a wonderful week :)