The Game

If you are here to play The Game

listen to this video if you know the name of the SONG
Then you will know where you belong
(warning the lyrics to this song contain explicit language)

Here is the list of players
1. Mom Knows Everything

2. Mummy Diaries

3. Life In The Lapadula House

4. Super Mae

5. It Is Nap Time

6. Music Mondays

7. I Beati

8. Screaming Mimi

9. Live The Life Of ADreamer

10. Max A Dogs Story

11. Lady Banana

12. Game Freakz

13. A Little Girl Talk

14. Tell Me The Truth

15. Gossip Avenue

16. My Sweet Escape


Sandra Carvalho said...

I was here to play!!!
~super mae~

Tina said...

i was ere to play, and moving on lol ;)

Tammy said...

I'm on my way to the next clue!

Shemah said...

Okayy.. this one's a toughie.. but then again, I "think" I know.. So I'll give it a shot. LOL! :) Moving on....

Sandy Kessler said...

guessing only on this one --Don't know the song..we'll see sandy